Toby Levy, FAIA, of LDP Architecture

Wagner Creative is excited to present the third of our interview series with Toby Levy of LDP Architecture in San Francisco. Discover what it was like being the only woman in drafting class in the '70s, about driving a taxi a New York City to pay for tuition, and how she became the mayor of South Park.

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To begin, can you tell me what initially made you want to study architecture and become an architect?

My father was a plumber, and the family used to visit construction sites on the weekends. I always enjoyed seeing buildings in their unfinished stages. In high school, I insisted on taking a “drafting” course, basically for non-academic students, meaning the toughest boys at my public high school. …

Kristen Sidell and Rudabeh Pakravan of Sidell Pakravan Architects

Wagner Creative is pleased to present our second interview in our Women in Architecture series. Today we speak with Kristen Sidell and Rudabeh Pakravan of Sidell Pakravan Architects in Berkeley, CA, about how they met and decided to open their firm, designing for the community, why they love models, and how the pandemic has changed the way they work.

To start, can you both describe your background and what made you want to study architecture? — was there a defining experience that drew you to the built environment?

RP: The short answer is that buildings make me feel things. The longer answer is that I have always been drawn to the relationship between atmosphere and emotion. In high school, I designed theater sets and it was so fortuitous to see that link between the creation of space and how it affected people’s movements, their choices, and what that could project to the public. …

Karin Payson of Karin Payson architecture + design

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Introducing Wagner Creative’s Interview Series, Women in Architecture + Construction. Today we talk with Architect, Karin Payson, of Karin Payson architecture + design, about when she decided she wanted to start her own firm, what draws her to having a bi-coastal practice, and how she continues to find inspiration for both art and architecture in daily life.

I read an article about you once that had this quote from you, which has always stayed with me. …


Melissa Wagner

Founder of WAGNER CREATIVE, a boutique PR and marketing and firm specializing in the A/E/C industry. Based in San Francisco and New York City.

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